Enter Your Address

How do I place order? 

Type your address in the search bar, pick restaurant and what you would like from that restaurant and checkout! Its that easy!! 

Can I track my order?

Yes once you have created your account and placed order you can
Log in and see where it is! 

Can I pay with cash?

Unfortunately at this time we are only doing credit/debit card transactions

All restaurants say pre order?

This is either because we are closed, or if we are short drivers we may have to temporarily turn the service off, but keep checking back. 

Can I get a refund? 

There are several reasons for being dissatisfied with an order.  

1) Your order arrived later than expected.

- This can be due to the restaurant being busier than anticipated.  

-This can also be due to lack of delivery drivers.  In this case we will provide extra incentives to known drivers to find a driver for you. 

2) You did not receive all items in the order. 

- The quickest remedy is to text us your Order No and the missing items ASAP at 2703491905.  We will expedite the redelivery of the missing items for you. *Please do not call the restaurant directly. 

3) You did not appreciate the delivery driver specifically.  

- You'll have an opportunity to rate your experience with your driver in an email which will be sent to you after each order.  We respect your opinion and appreciate your feedback. 

4) We were unable to deliver your order.  

- If a restaurant is closed, a staff member will call you to see if we can create a new order through a different restaurant for you.  If you are unavailable, or simply do not wish to order from an alternative restaurant, your order will be cancelled and the funds paid will be refunded to the payment source originally used. 

- If we do not have any available delivery drivers to accept the order, your order will be cancelled, and the funds paid will be refunded to the payment source originally used. 

How long will my order take?

During most days it will take 35 minutes to an hour for the average delivery. Some orders may take longer depending on the size of the order and which restaurant the order is being placed from. Please be aware that we are working with some of the most popular restaurants in town and together we are working hard to provide the best customer service possible. You will receive automatic and manual updates via text message or email. 

Can I order from multiple restaurants? 

You may place orders from different restaurants separately. You would just be required to meet the minimum order for each restaurant and to pay the delivery fee for each restaurant that you order from.

Should I tip my driver?

Yes! Our drivers are paid with tips. Please consider their hard work to deliver your food promptly and professionally in your compensation as the delivery fee generally covers the cost of fuel and vehicle maintenance.

What is your service fee?

As part of a small town community, it is our mission statement to provide requested services to residents in need, while fully supporting our locally owned stores.  To do this, we are providing the customer with an ordering platform, customer service staff, delivery drivers, and advertising to let the customer know this is an available option to them. 

On the other side, our restaurants deserve the comfort in knowing their menu is being served promptly to their customers.  We also provide free marketing and food promotion to their customers for them, as well as an online ordering website. 

To ensure all of this runs smoothly and can continue, we add 8% Service Fee to the order.   

Additionally, there is a built in 3% processing fee that goes directly to Stripe to process all credit card payments. 

Can I cancel my order?

Once the order has been sent to the restaurant, it CANNOT be cancelled or refunded. Please TEXT 2703491905 with your ORDER NUMBER and the word CANCEL on any advanced / future orders. If the order has not been placed with the restaurant yet, we should be able to cancel the order for you.